Book Bingo| Footsteps

by Umm Zakiyya

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Overall: 5/5

Oh and for the people who have issues about reading books by Muslim authors: the English and grammar are absolutely perfect, so don’t worry about that. It’s a great book. You will enjoy it. Read it.

This book gave me a completely new perspective about (1) polygamy and (2) racial struggles/issues.

The best thing about this entire thing was that it was completely untypical fiction. There were so many racially diverse characters, which I have never seen before in any sort of literature. And the fact that Umm Zakiyya chooses topics that are interesting to Muslims as well (not just a typical story about a Muslim in high school who has the same problems as everyone else but not really because Muslim).
It’s such a compelling story that I think handles controversial issues well.

It is by far my favorite in this series. Anyway. For spoilers, go on my Goodreads Review of this book.


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