YA Book Bingo| General Update.

I’m clearly lazy.

I think if I published my to-do list I will be humiliated into actually crossing some things off the list.

  1.  A Book I Heart about Online: Jump the Cracks
  2. A Book with A One Word Title: Blindness
  3. A Book of Short Stories: Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
  4. YA Free Square: Out of the Easy
  5. YA The First Book in a Series: Legend
  6. YA A Book I Heard About Online: These Broken Stars
  7. Steal Like an Artist
  8. The Fall of Arthur
  9. YA A Book Set in the Past: Between Shades of Gray
  10. Tiger Lily
  11. The Bell Jar
  12. The End Games
  13. YA A Book with Music: Seraphina

As you can see, I haven’t decided where some of them should belong.

I apologize for not updating this blog as regularly as I would like.


3 thoughts on “YA Book Bingo| General Update.

  1. So you’ve read 13 books so far between the 2 boards, and don’t know where some should go? Or those 13 books are ones you have read so far and plan to read?

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