Book Bingo|Free Square| The Ghost’s Child

by Sonya Hartnett

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely refuse to categorize this book so it’s going to be my Free Square. I’m really hesitant to write a review of this book because it’s so precious to me. It’s not even one of those books I wish I wrote. I feel like I wrote it. This book contains an entire life in its few small pages but it is so touching and filled with hope and beauty in every single word. It’s like a fairy tale or something ephemeral but it feels like life. At some points, I couldn’t tell if what was going on was real or impossible or both but it was just incredibly philosophical.

(After I was done, I read what the book was about and the cover spoils nearly everything so don’t read it. Just know that this book is good. Actually don’t read it. It’s my book.)


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