The Warrior Heir

by Cinda Willliams Chima


If you like Percy Jackson, the Hunger Games, or even the 39 Clues, this is a great book for you to read. Those were the two strongest impressions I had in my mind. There were many similar aspects, such as “sponsers” for warriors, people disguised as schoolteachers, and ancient family feuds and factions.

The story was about a sixteen year old boy named Jack (I really like the name Jack for main characters) who had a heart surgery when he was a child. As a result, he must take a special medicine without fail every day for the rest of his life. One day he skips the medicine and as a result the rest of the story unfolds. Jack realizes he is not a typical teenager, rather a rare Warrior, and basically goes through a typical hero’s journey and coming of age experience.

There was quite a bit of originality that I really enjoyed. Names like Anaweir, Weir, and Anawizard Weir appealed to me. The stories of the past were well told. I think what set Jack apart from other typical main characters was how much self control he had. I liked also liked how the story incorporated history (the War of the Roses) into the the story.

There were two plot twists. One that I was completely expecting and one that I should have realized much earlier. I suppose you could say it was a predictable book. Another part I didn’t like was how un-involved everyone’s parents were. With magic, it was so easy to keep adults away from nearly the entire story.

It’s hard to find books like this in the Young Adult section (though I would say that it’s more of a tween book.)


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