Book Haul (sort of)

Today I attempted to do something I’ve never done before. My friend and I planned to go to the book store, pick up a book the two of us knew nothing about, and read each others’ chosen books.  It took me a while because I live off recommendations or just things I see random people reading and I wasted a lot of time going in circles looking for the “perfect” book. The book couldn’t be hardcover (because that’s just way too much money), it couldn’t be romantic (I’m just really tired of that at the moment), and I am also hesitant to buy books I am not certain to love (really, I’ve only ever bought books I’ve read and categorized as favorites) but I also never read the backs (or front covers) of books.

Anyway, I chose Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and she chose The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima which was  going to be my choice if I hadn’t thought of Cloud Atlas.

So now, I’m currently reading The Warrior Heir


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