The Mortal Instruments | City of Bones


Oh my god. I am at loss for words. It was the most action packed movie I’ve ever watched.

I feel that it was a bit rushed compared to the book, but I think it’s easy to say that I actually liked it better than the book. (It’s easy because I think Cassandra Clare was very involved so she would have had some say in changes done.) I felt that even through the changes, it showed the spirit of the book– action packed, dark, and romantic. I loved the part they added about music and how demons react to that. I think it was quite creative.

But really, Jamie’s portrayal of Jace was superb and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better, though before I had seen the actual movie I was really nervous about him because he wasn’t what I imagined for Jace. Lily’s portrayal of Clary was more than I could have hoped and she was everything book-Clary wasn’t. She made Clary so much better. I think Jemima seemed a bit too old for Isabelle, but she (as my friend put it) redefined what it means to be kick butt. Hodge looked exactly as I imagined him.

Mostly everyone’s acting and casting was great, except for three people. I think Valentine’s character was overdone and I was a bit disappointed that he was more violent than cunning. Also his hair wasn’t working for me. Alec was a bit too jealous and Magnus sounded a bit robotic, but he was kind and that was the main thing I was looking for. Also I was looking out for Rapheal but he wasn’t there (and I have no idea why…)

Oh and I wish Simon would have turned into a rat, but oh well.

I think I’d give it a 10/10.

That was a pretty crazy movie.


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