Top Contemporary Books of Today

I want this on my blog (because I wish I wrote it.) Go follow her everyone. She is 10 times more awesome than me. I also liked being called a “hobbit-sized literary Gandalf”

all hell must break loose

In no specific order, because I am too indecisive to choose, and apart from the obvious Harry Potter:

1. “Gone” series: Dear lord, if Michael Grant were a god, there would be no mercy. If you can’t handle horror and painful details, then this is definitely not the book for you. But I do pity you, for you would be missing out on an amazing story. It’s just so painful and complex. The situations keep getting worse and worse, and for every victory there are ten calamities. My favorite aspect of the novel is the character development. Every character is like a diamond, precious and with so many facets. If your hobbies include sobbing then do go check out this series.

2. “The Mortal Instrument” series/”The Infernal Devices” trilogy: Now I decided to put these two series together because TID is the prequel series to TMI, although TMI was…

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