Book to Movie Adaptations (part 3)


  1. Harry Potter (except the first one). So many of my favorite book scenes were left out. I acknowledge the fact that events do get lost in translation from book to movie, but as Harry Potter is the world to me, these changes are unforgivable. I’ll probably make an entire post about it in the near future. However, I did appreciate the set and scenery. It was the script mostly that irked me.
  2. The Lightning Thief I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Sea of Monsters. They can always attempt to fix their mistakes since they’re still in the beginning of the series.
  3. Series of Unfortunate Events They combined the first three books and did everything completely out of order in the first one. That was my main problem with it.
  4. Eragon If any of you have read the books, it’s equivalent to Lord of the Rings on awesomeness. I expected the movies to reach at least that level as well but I was sorely disappointed. It hurt.

6 thoughts on “Book to Movie Adaptations (part 3)

  1. #1 I agree, even though I like the films I thought they weren’t very well adapted.
    #3 I thought it was ok… though, I wish they completed the entire series. Stopping like that is just… unacceptable.

    • Yeah I do sometimes enjoy them, but only when I’m not concentrating on the book at the same time.

      I wish they did continue. They would have had more chances to maybe fix up my opinion of them. I forgot to mention that I really liked the cast and I would have enjoyed seeing more of them.

  2. #1, I love the HP movies. The books are better, yes, but I think they did achieve to give an image to the words. The mood, lightning and characters are all, in my opinion, perfect in each movie as compared to their book. Except the second Dumbledore (though I love the actor), he was too harsh and I don’t think he got the character. Of course, I will always miss many scenes, but I think that’s OK so as to differentiate from the books and it makes it a lot of fun to reread them. At least for me, ha.

    #3, I love the movie. Haven’t read the complete series but I wish they could make another one; perhaps it is already too late.

    #5 Eragon is awful and the books are great (a bit long and filled with unnecessary things, in my opinion, but I love them).

    I just think that Book Adaptations should be detached from the books they come from so that they don’t become the –almost– antithesis to one another.

    • The scenes they made were perfect; background, lighting, and mood-wise. It’s what they left out, like Peeves and those little bits of Harry’s wit, that really got to me. On its own, apart from the books, they’re really enjoyable. But I don’t really think about the movies when I’m reading, except for most people’s faces. I totally agree about Dumbledore though.

      Sadly, I do think it’s late. I would have liked to see more even though I didn’t like it.

      Yes, just like Lord of the Rings, Eragon has way too much detail, but sometimes it is nice.

      I suppose you’re right. After all, it really is someone’s interpretation of the book(…even if it’s a somewhat unpopular opinion.)

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