book haul!

I’m so excited. I got two books from B&N:

  1. Inkheart (by Cornelia Funke). I’ve been wanting to own this ever since I finished the trilogy years and years ago.
  2. Unnatural Creatures (compiled by Niel Gaiman). The cover appealed to me. And I was in the mood for fantasy.

Since this year I’m going to be taking so many APs, (and therefore going to B&N a lot) I convinced my mom that it would be appropriate for me to become a member!


6 thoughts on “book haul!

  1. “I convinced my mom that it would be appropriate for me to become a member!”
    I look forward to more of your hauls! (But wouldn’t you rather buy books that you can’t get at the library?)

    • I usually get books from B&N after reading them from the library. Plus, I’d mostly be using the card for school studying (the library doesn’t have that many review books) and the cafe.

        • Who said this book wouldn’t? The only book that would successfully do that is a dictionary. But if you mean books that are challenging, you’d still need a dictionary at hand. Honestly, don’t look for boring, hard books. Just read a lot and read often. You’ll see new words used in different places in different books and that’s how they’ll stick in your mind. The more books you read, the more words you’ll pick up. I can’t think of too many off the top of my head, but they’ll probably have some lists of what you’re looking for on Goodreads. For now, try Dan Brown’s books.

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