Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the two most influential and inspiring people in my life: the wonderfully imaginative Joanne Kathleen Rowling and Harry Potter. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today…at least I might not have been a bookworm.

What else can I say but that Harry Potter shaped who I am and I am eternally grateful. I will never care that it’s over; for me there will never be another book like it. Some say that I’m silly for celebrating the birthday of a fictional character, for caring more about his than my own. But they’re just muggles and can’t comprehend how real he is to me. If he can make me actually feel real emotions like sadness, happiness, love, then what more proof do I need about his reality?

I will stick with Harry Until the Very End.

(No really, I’m a fanatic. I carried my wand with me everywhere today, even to the doctor’s office where I volunteer.)


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