Book to Movie Adaptations (part 1)

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now–mostly because this is the longest I’ve ever gone without watching a movie.


  1. City of Bones. Since Cassandra Clare is working somewhat closely with the director, I have put a lot of hope and expectation into this movie. From the trailer, it looks really action packed so hopefully they won’t treat it like another Twilight. (Although trailers are not to be a basis for judging an entire movie…I can’t help it in this case.)
  2. Catching Fire. I think the Hunger Games movie was amazing, so I am all excitement for this one. From the trailer, Cinna’s dresses are exactly how I imagined them to be when reading the book. And Jennifer’s face when she enters the arena after seeing Cinna die is priceless. It broke my heart all over again.
  3. The Maze Runner. I think they are still casting for this and I haven’t even heard the news of when they will start filming, but this is one of my most recent favorite series.
  4. Divergent. I want to be excited for this, but I’m afraid they will mess it up badly. So I’m withholding my hope.
  5. The Fault in Our Stars. I’m really not excited for people to watch this and fangirl about it and completely disregard the book. There are always people like that for every book to movie adaptation but I feel like there will be too many in this case.

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