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I wasn’t tagged to do this or anything but I saw a couple of book-vloggers doing this. It was originally made by incrdiblydeadlyviper on YouTube.

1. What are you currently using as a bookmark?

I’m using a bookmark my dad got me  a long time ago on his trip to South Carolina. It’s a couple of beads on a really odd feeling rope/ string. You don’t want to know the company / brand the bookmark is. I don’t think he realized what it meant. 

2. Best thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?

The best thing I’ve ever used as a bookmark would be my favorite bookmark. It has never fallen out. My aunt got it for me from Barnes and Noble’s. It’s has an orange star at the top and an orange K at the bottom. 

3. Weirdest thing?

I developed an affinity with this blue sponge once. And I used it as a bookmark for well over a month. I still have it, but I don’t use it. 

4. Do you ever annotate/highlight/write in books? Why or why not?

I always wanted to annotate by writing in my books but I never had the heart to actually do that. So I use post-its. 

5. Share something you’ve found written in a library book/used book/book that didn’t belong to you.

I once found a library card. Nothing interesting or anything.

6. What books are in your collection by someone named Mark?

None in my collection. But one book that I read by a Mark that I really enjoyed is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

7. What book has made the biggest mark on your life? (Figuratively)

Harry Potter. I met Harry when I was seven, so basically it has been my childhood. I am obsessed with anything to do with Harry Potter and quite possessive as well. 

8. Which book has made the biggest mark on your life? (Literally — do you have any literary-related tattoos? If not, and if you had to get one, what would you get?)

Again, Harry Potter. I’m not big on tattoos but having a lightning bolt tattoo on my forehead has crossed my mind.

9. Which book(s) has/have had the biggest impact on your generation in your opinion?

Harry Potter hands down. The number of people who are Potterheads is overwhelming. 



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